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Quest of Dungeons is a fun rogue-like game that is available on several platforms. It is developed and distributed by David Amador. He’s a kind and friendly guy; feel free to go check him out on Twitter!

30 Second Review

+ Rouge-like permadeath

+ New dungeon every time you play

+ Turn-based tactical strategy

– Almost a nonexistent story

- Hero skill sets are randomized

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Does this inexpensive game deliver?

Quest of Dungeons is a game you should happily own on your iOS device for $1.99, or on your PC for $4.99. Even though I own it on Steam, I will definitely purchase it again when it becomes available for Android devices via Google Play on 8/26/2014. It has a save feature that you can use at any time, so this game is perfect for short, on the go bursts with your mobile device.

I can attest to the game’s value and replayability. The fact that it’s a new dungeon every time you play really helps keep it interesting. When leveling in other games, did you ever feel bothered that you had to stop playing in order to level up your character and convert points into stats?  Well not in this game!  You’re either walking, looting, or killing. Sometimes you might even find quick moments where you can go on a shopping spree with your glorious gold (unless you’re hoarding all of that gold like a dragon). Skill trees, pah, what are those? We’re going to loot books that we use to develop our skills. Many random elements are implemented within Quest of Dungeons that make this game quite a gem.

Gameplay 2 EDG

What’s the story about?

There’s a story? Wait, one second, let me double check. In the distant land of Virul (not to be confused with viral videos online), light was stolen by a non-specific evil lord (I’m not making this up; that’s what it says). Darkness spreads… Four brave heroes join forces. The other three adventurers elect you to go fight in the dungeon alone! Ever had to draw straws? Ever get the shortest one? Well you have now! While your hero isn’t convinced of this plan, the other adventurers totally think it is the cat’s pajamas, (the game designer stresses using “totally”, so the use of “totally” is totally not my fault) and your mates are totally backing you up.  Once you leave, they all agree, you’re going to totally die! That’s the story or lack thereof.

Totally EDG

Totally no story, but how’s the gameplay?

Gameplay is quite good, actually. It is the best part of the game. You kill monsters; you pick up dropped loot; you get gold, and gems can be found everywhere! You click to walk; you click to attack; you click to loot; you click to shop; you click to sell; is this game point and click? No. Well, maybe. It’s satisfying, though, especially if you grew up on classic Zelda! Plenty of dungeons, maps, locked doors, keys, vendors, monsters, bosses, and stairs! Wait, there’s more; there are teleporters where you can travel from one location of the map to another! There is plenty of traveling and exploring. All I’m missing is my magic compass and boomerang.

The combat system is a turn-based tactical system in the sense that whenever you take a step, the enemy takes a step. If you attack, and they don’t die, they attack back. If you use a potion, they respond with an attack. If you walk up to them, they take the opportunity to attack. You will want to consider your movements carefully in order to get into attack range without making yourself vulnerable.

Quest of Dungeons forces you to decide how you want to manage your health. Are you going to hold out on using one of your health potions from your limited supply till you are in dire need? Are you going to pop one as soon as you need to? Are you going to try to heal up from battle? This game is going to make you think about that kind of strategy in order to succeed!

Quest of Dungeons does have light questing elements, but they are mainly tied in with exploration. You’re going to be exploring anyway, so might as well get that bonus xp from a quest.

Zelda Humor EDG

My name is Bruce?

What Quest of Dungeons lacks in story, it makes up for with one-liners that would make Bruce Campbell proud. In fact, when I read the one-liners, I try to imagine them coming from Bruce Campbell. I would advise you to do the same.

Overall if you enjoy rouge-like games, then Quest of Dungeons should easily be for you. I found it more enjoyable than Desktop Dungeons, and I quite liked Desktop Dungeons. Further, the price for Quest of Dungeons is three times better than the price for Desktop Dungeons. That’s just an added bonus.

I have to take my hat off to game designer David Amador for making Quest of Dungeons. I sat down and played for what felt was 30 minutes, only to discover that 2 hours and 30 minutes had passed. I think that is certainly a testament to how engaging this game can be.

Feel free to visit the website and buy it directly for whichever device you prefer!

Quest of Dungeons scores 8 out of 10.

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