EDG Podcast Ep. #262: The Video


This week, we did a Live Stream Twitch of the EDG Podcast. Check out the footage as Eric Bouchard, Jay Sims and Chris Maeurer were joined by Larry Asberry (@lasberry, BlueManRule from OFR and host of Prove Your Point) and Jake (@The_Jake02, formerly from the Nerd Rage Podcast) for a night of Grid 2 on PC and podcasting.

A big thank you goes out to Travis Patterson, who acted as out chat moderator and helped field questions and comments throughout the podcast.

The reason we chose to do this for the podcast was to promote Extra Life. Please support someone for this worthy cause:

Geek Media Network Team (includes Eric, Jay, Chris and Travie)

Larry Asberry

Travis Dvoracek (@LedeshHevent)

Check out Jay’s live stream of the game night and show below.

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