Queued Up Ep. #7 – 4 PM in South Korea


This week, Eric Bouchard and Travis Patterson are joined by Nelson, (@VideoGames_Bible), who apparently is not familiar with the format of the Queued Up podcast. Oh, and he doesn’t listen to rock music.

Who let him on again?


Queued Up Ep. #7 (Right click and save as MP3 to download)


Intro/Eric’s Pick: “Fall Goliath Fall” by Project 86

Closing/Travis’ Pick: “Last Night” by Ilia

Nelson’s Pick: “Luftrausers (Original)” from the Luftrausers OST


Current Queue – 2:24

Queued Up – 14:44

Top 5 – 47:37

Closing – 1:10:47


Eric: Game – Doom and Destiny; TV Series – Blacklist; Song – “Fall Goliath Fall” by Project 86

Travis: Game – Space Hulk Ascension; TV Series – Hostages; Song – “Last Night” by Ilia

Nelson: Games – Interstellar Marines (Early Access) and Cook Serve, Delicious: Battle Kitchen; Song – “Luftrausers (Original)” from the Luftrausers OST


Check out Nelson’s sight, Video Games and the Bible.


Tara Long’s announcement that Rev3Games is closing down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP9gUA-W0SA