Salamanders DLC for Space Hulk Ascension Announced



Finally, some much needed love has been shown to the Warhammer 40K Salamanders’ chapter. It’s about time! One of the most beloved yet under-used chapters in the Warhammer 40K universe. Developer Full Control has pulled out all the stops in order to allow the Salamanders to shine in their very own DLC expansion to Space Hulk Ascension.

The Salamanders are the fifth chapter to be installed into the Space Hulk Ascension campaign. The game was originally released with 3 chapters–Blood Angels, Ultramarines, and Space Wolves. The fourth chapter installed as DLC was Imperial Fists.

The Salamanders DLC contains 20 new chapter missions and 20 new flash missions. The difference between chapter missions and flash missions is that flash missions can appear randomly throughout the universe whereas chapter missions are key missions that are specific to the campaign. You do not have to use Salamanders to play these missions. The great thing though, is now you can use the Salamanders to play every campaign mission if you choose! Commence maniacal laughter!

You can customize the Salamander chapter with plenty of options involving RPG stats, skills, equipment, cosmetic, name, and weapons. Full Control has added a lot of depth and detail that not only a fan of Games Workshop can appreciate, but just about any gamer can appreciate as well.

Instead of each squad only getting 1 heavy option, they have been blessed with 2. On a map that has 2 squad options to deploy that means you can take up to 4 heavy units. All 4 can also use the heavy flamer! If this wasn’t enough to get your heart pumping, the Salamanders also have their own special flame template to which none of the other chapters have access.


 Space Hulk Ascension Trailer

The Salamanders DLC is being released for Space Hulk Ascension. Along with the announcement of the Salamanders DLC, Full Control has released the following trailer containing actual gameplay footage. There is not an official release date at this time, but it will be released before the end of February. Enjoy!

Flame On

 Purge the Xenos Filth with Glorious Flame

Not only have I had a chance to play through all of the Salamanders DLC for Space Hulk Ascension, but I also participated in the quality assurance testing process. I am very pleased with what I’ve seen and played. In my opinion, the Salamanders DLC for Space Hulk Ascension is the best piece of content that the development staff at Full Control have released to date.

While talking with Thomas Lund from Full Control, he made some statements that I wanted to share with everyone.

“2015 is going to be very interesting for Space Hulk fans. We will push all products as much as possible in all directions. More platforms, more DLC, more core features… Simply more Space Hulk for everyone.”

“Our commitment to supporting this title well after launch is firm. We have multiple chapters lined up for all of the fans with the Salamanders being next. This chapter is following up after the successful Imperial Fist DLC. This will continue for a while; we are incredibly happy and humbled by the great reception we’ve received by the fans.”

“For the Salamanders DLC, we really wanted to push the boundaries for what we can do in the game and in level design. The models are incredible. The campaign is very different while still being true to what Space Hulk is and how it plays, but we didn’t want to stop there and are adding content and features into the core game as well. We are also adding more weapon options in addition to other things..”

To find out even more information about Space Hulk Ascension, visit the official website.

2015 is looking to be a great year for the Games Workshop IP and its fans. Look for more content to be generated throughout the year on this and other Games Workshop products!

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