Queued Up Ep. #9 – Turning Over a New Leaf


Eric Bouchard and Travis Patterson are back, and this time they are not alone. In this episode of Queued Up, they are joined by Christian Herring (@McJeston), one of the hosts of the New Leaf Podcast.


Queued Up Ep. #9


Intro and Eric’s Recommendation: “Pitiful” by Blindside

Travis’ Recommendation – “Miss Me or Dis Me” by MC Mong featuring Jinsil

Outro and Christian’s Recommendation – “Prey for Me” by The Color Morale


Current Queue – 2:59

Queued Up – 16:50

Top Ten – 1:02:53

Closing – 1:22:47


Eric – Game: Life is Strange Episode 1; Website Subscription: The WWE Network; Song: “Pitiful” by Blindside

Travis – Game: Nosgoth; Movie: The Edge of Tomorrow; Song: “Miss Me or Dis Me” by MC Mong featuring Jinsil

Christian – XBox One Subscription Service: EA Early Access; Book: Alien Encounters by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman; Song: “Prey for Me” by The Color Morale


Check out Christian’s New Leaf Podcast on Spreaker.