EDG Podcast Ep. #281 – We Do More Than Just Play Games

Ep 281

This one is for all of you who have been missing our longer shows. In this week’s episode, Eric Bouchard, Jay Sims and Anthony Alex answer each other’s and listener submitted non-gaming questions.


EDG Podcast Ep. #281 (Right click and save as MP3 to download)


“Rockslide: The EDG Podcast Theme” by Robert Payne


Weeks in Review – 1:21

Non-Gaming Questions – 23:44

Question of the Week – 1:16:03

Closing – 1:53:27


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Eric Bouchard

I am the Senior Editor and current Admin for Everyday Gamers as well as the primary editor of the podcast. While I tend to gravitate towards shooters or RPGs, I will play any genre of game which catches my eye.

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