Chainsaw Warrior Contest Announcement

02 CW contest

Games Workshop and Auroch Digital have joined forces to bring together a special and one of a kind contest. Auroch Digital has personally invited you, our readers, to be a part of it. What’s amazing about that is EDG and Auroch Digital have worked together to make the open contest even more exciting for you, our readers!

The contest is simple. You can go to any source that sells Chainsaw Warrior or Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night and write an 80’s style action review. To see everywhere these games are available, click here.

Once you’ve written the review, take a screenshot of it, and e-mail it to Please include in the subject line “EDG Chainsaw Warrior Contest”. The reason you want to use this subject line is because this an open contest; the best entry will win the board game. However, the best EDG entry will win Steam codes for Auroch Digital’s Chainsaw Warrior & Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night. If the best overall entry comes from an EDG reader, then he or she will win BOTH the board game and the Steam codes.

Feel free to share your created review on Twitter @AurochDigital & @EverydayGamers as well. I know the developers and the staff here at EDG would love to see and share them. The contest officially ends on 2015/05/30.

I am going to write an example review below to encourage and motivate our readers. However, I’m not participating in the contest, because I really want one of our readers to have a solid shot at winning.

01 contest CW

Chainsaw Warrior Review

In a New York gone mad. Only one man has what it takes to defeat evil and survive. He is, Chainsaw Warrior.

He will fight through hordes of zombies, cultists, raving lunatics, mutants, meat machines, and even the New York City rats. He will do all of this while only having one hour to save New York. Even if he makes it to the center of the cataclysm, he will have to go one on one with The Darkness.

Armed only with a chainsaw, one man embarks on the first suicide mission in board game history. This summer, prepare yourself for this one man army event–known as, Chainsaw Warrior.

Where will you be, when the New York City rats take over?

03 contest CW

Are we having fun yet?

Obviously I had a lot of fun writing that, and you should too! This contest is purely meant to be fun. I just want to share with you real quick part of the message I received from Thomas Rawlings with Auroch Digital.

Hi Travis,

Just wanted to say first off, thanks so much for all the support you’ve given us to date. It really shows when people like you back an indie like us 🙂 Now for my 80s voice; “There was a man…in a world like never before…” We’ve got a competition going that your readers might be interested in? The prize is an original 1987 copy of the game and we’re asking people to channel their inner 80s action movie trailer voice…



For inspiration I’ll add the trailer of Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night below. I can’t wait to see what everyone creates. Just remember, have fun!