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Alphadia Genesis has the distinct honor of being the only true modern JRPG title currently available on the Wii U. Nintendo has a long history of supporting many titles in the genre. It will be interesting to see if any more JRPGs come along, or if the entire Alphadia catalog might one day find its way ported onto the Wii U.

30 Second Review

+ Great game for anyone that enjoys the JRPG genre

+ All characters can be used and serve a function at all times

+ Not a straight mobile port, updated graphics, and 3D added

– No English voice acting, but Japanese voice acting can be turned off

– Game does too much hand holding early on

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Notable Features

  • A compelling story with unique characters
  • 3D battles feature beautifully rendered graphics
  • Harness powerful skills
  • Plenty of side quests to keep the adventure going

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Story Matters

The year in Alphadia Genesis is 1092. Fifteen years have passed since the conclusion of the destructive Energi Wars. During this time period a war was raged by clones, and they were used as weapons. The two waring kingdoms, Augustine and Archleign, nearly destroyed the world along with its natural resource known as Energi. A peace treaty was eventually signed, and the two kingdoms have coexisted ever since.

The main characters Fray and Corone have been dispatched from their respective kingdoms in order to investigate a mysterious murder. They end up working together, albeit somewhat unwillingly. Will they uncover the truth behind the mystery and explain why clones have begun murdering their masters?

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A JRPG that Hearkens Back to the NES & SNES

Yes, Alphadia Genesis was designed to play on mobile devices. However, do not hold that against this title. It was not a straight port, but rather the game was updated and transformed for play on the Wii U. Rarely do we see that kind of attention to detail when we’re talking about a phone game that’s been ported to another device. I really hope more developers take notice of the success that Alphadia Genesis has had because of this, and that porting from one device to another in this manner could become a new industry standard. It would be a welcomed change.

Turn based combat, item management, skills, and quests are all very reminiscent to the classic JRPG genre. If you’ve ever played anything within the Final Fantasy series, then there will be no surprises in Alphadia Genesis in this regard.

One of the things I’ve always disliked about the JRPG genre is the ability to assemble a team of characters, but typically only a couple of characters will ever be fully used unless you run into a main element of the story where it requires you to take a specific character. That’s not the case in Alphadia Genesis. All of the characters that are playable serve a function at all times. There are three rows–a front row position, a rear guard position, and two support positions. Feel free to set your lines and play with each character in any way you choose. This element is a nice feature and something I’d like to see more of in the JRPG genre.

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The Downside

Alphadia Genesis is a very story driven game and has a tremendous amount of dialogue cut scenes. I hope you enjoy reading, because you’re going to be doing a lot of it. Would you rather listen to the cutscenes than read? Well I hope you understand Japanese, because there is no English dub available. Thankfully if you’re like me and would prefer not to listen to high pitched Japanese female voices, then you’re in luck, because those voices can be turned off completely. Big thanks to the devs for providing that as an option.

While the story in Alphadia Genesis is interesting, I’m not too thrilled of the cloning subject matter. However, they treat the clones along similar lines that automatons or androids have been treated within the sci-fi genre. An automaton is a moving mechanical device made to imitate a human being. I just pretended that the clones are automatons and everything worked out fine for me in those regards.

Usually I complain when a game doesn’t have enough tutorial tips or hints. However, in Alphadia Genesis, they treat the player as if this is the very first introduction into any video game ever. They walk you through everything step by step, almost to an insulting degree. Thankfully it eases up once you defeat the first dungeon, but until then, expect a lot of pauses, explanations, and even more dialogue.

Alphadia Genesis is rated E for ages 10+ for fantasy violence and suggestive themes. It is a great game especially for a child in the family that this may be their first exposure to a JRPG style of game.

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Available on Multiple Devices

While I played Alphadia Genesis for the Wii U, it is also available on multiple platforms. Alphadia Genesis can be purchased on iOS, Android, and on PC via Steam. However, the Wii U version of the game is the definitive version. If the game is purchased on iOS or Android, it will be completely in a 2D format with no added 3D graphics. If it is purchased on Steam it will be Mouse and Keyboard only with no Controller Support. The Wii U gives the best possible experience that can be had for this title in my opinion.

Alphadia Genesis is a digital download title available on the Nintendo eShop for $14.99 and has an incredible amount of content. Also, since the graphics were updated with the Wii U in mind, I feel that the price of the game is fair. Alphadia Genesis is definitely a quality JRPG title, and I would like to experience more of the series if it becomes available on the Wii U or 3DS devices.

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