Queued Up Ep. #12 – Now Bi-Monthly

QU 12

Queued Up makes its long awaited return. Join Eric Bouchard and Travis Patterson, as they share their recommendations. And yes, Eric does finally recommend something from Poets of the Fall. You knew it was coming.


Queued Up Ep. #12


Eric’s Recommendation – “Locking Up the Sun” by Poets of the Fall

Travis’ Recommendation – “Sleeping Awake” by P.O.D.


Current Queue – 1:52

Queued Up – 8:13

Top 5 – 33:28

Queued Up Recommendations


  1. Video Game: Adventures of Pip
  2. TV Show: The Quest
  3. Song: “Locking Up the Sun” by Poets of the Fall


  1. Anime: Knights of Sidonia Season 2
  2. Anime: Psycho Pass
  3. Song: “Sleeping Awake” by P.O.D.