EDG Podcast Ep. #323 – VR Evangelho

Ep 323

This week, the EDG Crew decided to tackle the subject of Virtual Reality. The only issue is Eric Bouchard, Jay Sims and Chris Maeurer have had no real experience with VR, and John Danforth has only had limited experience with the Samsung Gear. The Solution: Bring in VR Enthusiast Jason Evangelho from Forbes and the Presence VR Podcast to share his experiences in Virtual Reality. You might reconsider your thoughts on VR after this podcast. I think Jay is still cursing Jason’s name for making him want it.


EDG Podcast Ep. #323


“Rockslide: The EDG Podcast Theme” by Robert Payne


Follow Jason Evangelho on Twiter (@killyourfm) and check out the Presence Podcast.


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Eric Bouchard

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