Rocket League: The Mason Sims Legacy Tournament *5/21/16*


Come join us for the Rocket League Mason Sims Legacy Tournament

***Due to scheduling conflicts and to allow for more participants,

we have moved the date of the tournament to Saturday 5/21/16 at 6PM EST

Follow this Discord link

For all chat & info during the tournament!***

For anyone who is not familiar, our close friend and longtime podcast co-host Jay “@MeefJ” Sims and his family welcomed premature twin boys Gray and Mason on December 13th, 2013.  Both boys were born at just 28 weeks, and Mason particularly struggled with many health issues.  The full account of their journey was chronicled on the Facebook page Praying For Gray And Mason.

Sadly, after a long journey of medical complications, Mason passed away on January 29th of this year.  As friends of the family, and knowing the financial burden the medical expenses and funeral cost left on the Sims family, not to mention the sacrifices they have had to make the last two years with skipped vacations and anniversaries, we wanted to do something to rally around Jay and his family with something fun, supportive and hopefully financially helpful.  To that end, we’ve organized the Mason Sims Legacy Tournament.


So how do I get involved?

I’m so glad that you asked!  Send an email to with your Gamertag and platform.  Pay the suggested entree fee of $50 at the Baby Mason Medical Fund donation page.  ALL monies donated go towards the medical and funeral expenses for the family.  There will be small prizes for the top teams so without further ado allow me to get to the tournament details:

  • The tournament date is Saturday May 7th 21st with a projected start time of 6 PM Eastern Standard Time.  All rounds will be played this day.
  • For the time being we will playing on the PS4 and PC platforms (*this may change to include XB1 if cross-platform play is integrated prior to the tournament*).
  • Full team registrations are accepted and should register here:
  • If you don’t have a full team, don’t worry, we expect that and will be making teams for anyone who registers without a full team
  • We plan on 3v3, best of 3 game elimination rounds with the final round and 3rd place final round being a best of 5 game series
  • We plan on streaming many of the matches via Twitch so go follow EDGOfficial, AZRockslide and CPGNerdRage on Twitch!
  • There will be a public Discord server that we will be using as a hub for voice & text chat to gather if you are between rounds, spectating or just want to track the tournament progress
  • I personally recommend Curse or Skype as a FREE chat option if your team has cross platform players, but that is of course up to each team. Mobile iOS/Android apps are available.
  • Prizes to be announced at a later date.
  • Please help us spread the word!  Bring a friend!
  • We are happy to see anyone that will be able to stream on game day!  I’ll be happy to publish a list of streams if you can forward me that information!
  • Keep checking back here and follow the @EverydayGamers Twitter for more updates as we get closer or feel free to contact me directly at @HolyHeadshot or  !

******Again, we are watching the evolving Xbox One Cross Platform support changes and will expand the tournament if those updates roll out on time******

Thank you all so much for your support!



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