Queued Up Ep. #20 – Holy Ninjato, Queued Up!

It finally happened. Daniel aka @Ninjato16 finally joined Eric Bouchard and Travis Patterson on Queued Up. This week’s topic: Sequels we would like to see.

Wait, did we have to record part of this twice? I blame Ninjato, even thought it was really Eric’s fault.


Queued Up Ep. #20



  1. TV Show: Phineas and Ferb Star Wars Special
  2. Youtube Channel: Caius Nelson aka One winged Caius
  3. Song: “Psalm 51” by Jason Silver


  1. Early Access Game: Stash
  2. Game: Galaxy of Trian
  3. Song: “Baby Come Back” by Billy Rankin


  1. Game: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer
  2. Board Game: King of Tokyo
  3. Song: “Calling” by Takeharu Ishimoto from The World Ends With You

Eric Bouchard

I am the Senior Editor and current Admin for Everyday Gamers as well as the primary editor of the podcast. While I tend to gravitate towards shooters or RPGs, I will play any genre of game which catches my eye.

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