Headshot’s Dossier Episode # 9 – Placencia Delivery



Iiiiiiittttssssssss ALIIIIIIIIIVEEE!!!   Well, sort of.  Back from the dead Headshot’s Dossier has returned!  I will be continuing this series much more regularly as the podcast has moved to a bi-weekly recording schedule.  Please forgive me for the audio quality this time around, apparently blowing the dust off my recording skills will take time.  I was honored to spend an afternoon with one of the talented co-hosts from Married To The Games, Ed Placencia.  Ed is known as the “Pleasant Rage Quitter” and does quite a bit of work on the Married To The Games Youtube channel.  Please go give him a follow and add MTTG to your podcast queue if you haven’t already!

Headshot’s Dossier Episode #9 (Right-click and save as MP3 to download)


Intro – “The Long Train Ride” by DJ Dain (with various gaming sound bytes inserted by Chris Maeurer)

Outro – “Hold Your Fire” by Firehouse