Headshot’s Dossier Episode # 10 – Noyse & Toys Part 1 – The Toys



Bringing back an original guest from Headshot’s Dossier, I really wanted to sit down and have a conversation with Josh Brown, aka The Noyse.  Josh is a host on a whole host of podcasts, the more recent of which, Nothing But Noyse, was the reason I wanted to chat.  We first met Josh when he was killing it with his Year Of Gaming project in which he wrote an article a day, featuring a different game per day over an entire calendar year.  Since then Josh has made some really cool strides with his Toys For Games  podcast and website covering the Toys To Life genre.  Josh’s newest venture, Nothing But Noyse, is the reason I got the inspiration for this interview BUT we’ll get to that in part two.  In this first part of my interview with Josh we cover his many projects, tip-toeing around Harry Potter spoilers, the Toys To Life genre and our current gaming playlists.  Sit back and enjoy and please join us for a more serious conversation in the next half of this interview!

Headshot’s Dossier Episode #10a (Right-click and save as MP3 to download)


Intro - “The Long Train Ride” by DJ Dain (with various gaming sound bytes inserted by Chris Maeurer)

Outro - “Hold Your Fire” by Firehouse


Josh has done a great job of linking all of his projects websites and podcasts through his twitter accounts so to streamline everything, I have listed links for Josh and his twitter accounts for each project below, go check them out!

Josh Brown aka The Noyse

Platform Junkies

Toys For Games

Joys of Games

Tales From Godric’s Hollow

Talking Back

Nothing But Noyse

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