Headshot’s Dossier Episode # 10 – Noyse & Toys Part 2 – The Noyse



Hopefully you’ve caught the first episode of my interview with Josh “Noyse” Brown where we talked games and hobbies.  In this second half of our interview we tackled a bit more serious subject delving deeper into the conversation Josh began on his Nothing But Noyse podcast episode 1 dealing with our social media bubbles and social media relationships.  To summarize some of Josh’s points from his podcast he talked about managing friend’s lists and sometimes losing friends amidst the emotionally charged culture we’re living in right now, especially with social media.  We had a really great discussion and touched on how to handle communicating with people of differing opinions and where to draw the boundaries in terms of how far we allow ourselves to be pushed.  Hope you enjoy our conversation and send us your feedback!

Headshot’s Dossier Episode #10b (Right-click and save as MP3 to download)


Intro - “The Long Train Ride” by DJ Dain (with various gaming sound bytes inserted by Chris Maeurer)

Outro - “Hold Your Fire” by Firehouse

Josh has done a great job of linking all of his projects websites and podcasts through his twitter accounts so to streamline everything, I have listed links for Josh and his twitter accounts for each project below, go check them out!

Josh Brown aka The Noyse

Platform Junkies

Toys For Games

Joys of Games

Tales From Godric’s Hollow

Talking Back

Nothing But Noyse

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