Headshot’s Dossier # 11 – Post-PAX Propagandapalooza


This week I was “Lucky” enough to be joined by “Gamers In Beta” rookie LuckyPhantasm, aka Sean, aka Quicksilver to talk about his induction into the awesomeness that is PAX East.  We got a chance to talk about all of the cool games that Sean got to see on his first PAX trip and it was a blast.  Hope you enjoy and if you want to hear more about any of the games mentioned, head on over to the awesome coverage that Mike and the Gamers In Beta team has been providing.  Also, please check out Bago Games‘ coverage where another GiB member Corey has been tirelessly covering all that PAX East 2017 had to offer.

Headshot’s Dossier Episode #11 (Right-click and save as MP3 to download)


Intro - “The Long Train Ride” by DJ Dain (with various gaming sound bytes inserted by Chris Maeurer)

Outro - “Hold Your Fire” by Firehouse


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