Best of the EDG Podcasts – EDG Podcast Ep. #291 – Listener Backlog Draft

The Backlog Draft. The idea was to have each member of the EDG Crew select games they owned they had not played or finished to put on a list, and then other members of the team would draft games for them to play. After the second draft by the team, we decided to change things up a bit, and we had a draft where listeners sent in their own lists of games for us to draft for them. Episode 291 was our Listener Backlog Draft, with Travis Patterson, Jay Sims, Eric Bouchard, and special guest Larry “Bluemanrule” from OFR, Prove Your Point, and currently the Facetious Podcast.

There is a very good chance the Backlog Draft will be making another appearance in 2019. If it does, look for us to do a listener one again as well.

EDG Podcast Ep. #291

Eric Bouchard

I am the Senior Editor and current Admin for Everyday Gamers as well as the primary editor of the podcast. While I tend to gravitate towards shooters or RPGs, I will play any genre of game which catches my eye.

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