A Wild Deviant Background Appears!

The wonderful thing about the internet is its ability to connect us with such a vast array of talented artists from all over the world. You may have noticed that EverydayGamers.com background is a little different from your usual video game back drop. With the recent release of Pokémon X & Y, we have the […]

Review: Impire

What do you get when you take demons, heavy metal, Real Time Strategy (RTS) and lots of puns and put them into a meat grinder? Probably a very odd-tasting sausage. But more importantly, you get Impire, Paradox Interactive’s new strategy game developed by Cyanide Studios. Does this mix create an Impowering feeling in the player […]

Help Save Our City!

Calling all superheroes to help me save a long running MMORPG from closing. In times of economic hardship, it seems that even virtual cities are not immune to dangers from real life. On August 31, 2012, NCSoft announced that City of Heroes (CoH), an 8 year running Massively Multiplayer Online Roll Playing Game (MMORPG), will […]

DayZ: A Survival Guide

If you’ve been bitten by the DayZ zombie bug, you might find yourself to be a stranger in a strange land. DayZ is not your average arcade shooter. The post zombie-apocalyptic country of Chernarus is a cruel and unforgiving place. Zombies roam mindlessly through cities and villages while bandits lie in wait over cities. To survive, […]