Dead Island

Dead Island has finally arrived after years of waiting. The game was announced in 06 and remained pretty quiet for the most part, but gained the attention of gamers again with its impressive trailers. Dead Island is an open world cooperative game centered around four survivors and the island of Banoi. The game goes for a […]

Dragon Age 2

Introduction Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins was released in 09 and was said to be the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate.  Origins gained the respect of many RPG fans due to it’s dark sided and mature nature. Dragon Age 2 has finally arrived with many new tricks up it’s sleeve. Does it hold up to the hype? Or is […]

Homefront: Multiplayer

Homefront has arrived and has seen MANY mixed reactions. Developed by Kaos Studios, the ones responsible for the hit Battlefield mod Desert Combat, and Frontlines Fuels of War, the team has shown their focus is on the multiplayer experience. But how does  Homefront hold up to the hype? Does it dethrone Call of Duty and crush […]

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 has finally arrived. The first entry caused plenty of scares and  tension. Taking influence from things like Alien, Event Horizon, and so on, Dead Space tackled the Sci-Fi Horror genre and came out with a intriguing universe of it’s own. Does Dead Space 2 manage to keep the thrills? Did it lose it’s horror […]