27th Apr2012

What’s On My Plate?

by Patrick Adams

I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems as though the beginning of this year is not as jam-packed with games as previous years were. It might be specific to me as I am not interested in a lot of the games released so far this year. Even though there are not many games out that are to my liking I am still very busy with a handful of games. I just wanted to take the time to share with you guys what I have been playing. Click a game below to read my thoughts on it.

[toggle title="1. Journey"]I myself have only played through Journey once but I’ve experienced it three times. It was an amazing experience, one that I wanted to share with others. I made my Uncle and Brother-in-law play through the campaign while I watched and it was just as enjoyable as playing it myself.[/toggle]

[toggle title="2. FEZ"]This game is interesting. On one hand I love it but on the other hand, as a completionist, it gives me a headache. It is very confusingly laid out and it constantly throws you into new worlds before you even wanted to leave the previous ones. I’ve heard many things about the game being very worth putting time into to solve all the puzzles and I find that very intriguing. I wonder if I will keep playing once I finish the campaign though. I guess we’ll see.[/toggle]

[toggle title="3. Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta"]I am a huge fan of GRAW 1 and GRAW 2 and this game is a great addition to the franchise. I am thoroughly enjoying the multiplayer although I’ve been having a lot of problems with the service disconnecting for no reason. I can’t wait to get my hands on the full game coming in May.[/toggle]

[toggle title="4. SSX"]SSX is actually more frustrating than fun. I am more than happy that EA has finally released a next-gen SSX and the tricks control great. My only problem is controlling my rider. I am constantly falling off cliffs and dying and it’s just not fun anymore. I’d rather they did away with the death element. Yes, they have the whole rewind feature but it’s always painful using it and it’s hardly beneficial. I love the SSX franchise greatly but this one is more a hassle than it is fun.[/toggle]

[toggle title="5. Botanicula"]I was happy to hear Amanita Design, creators of Machinarium, released a new point-and-click adventure game. Even though the art style is much different than Machinarium the game is still great. Hey, Amanita!…can you start working on Machinarium 2 now?.[/toggle]

[toggle title="6. Windosill"]Windosill came with the Humble Botanicula Bundle if you donated more than the average. This game was a very pleasant surprise. It only takes about 30 minutes to complete which is too bad because the game is awesome. Everyone should play this game.[/toggle]

[toggle title="7. Borderlands"]A while back my cousins and I decided to start playing Borderlands. This is my second time playing through the game and their first. We’ve finished the campaign and are now working on the last of the DLC. I have now reached a point where I am ready to finish it all and get a good break before Borderlands 2 comes out. I cannot wait![/toggle]

[toggle title="8. Kingdom Rush"]Kingdom Rush is easily the best game on the iPad right now. It’s a tower defense game with an awesome cartoon art style. It’s super addictive and deep which means you can keep coming back to it over and over. I also love the upgrades. If you like tower defense games at all then Kingdom Rush is a no-brainer. I think it’s safe to say it’s the best TD game since PixelJunk Monsters.[/toggle]

There you have it. Even though I said the beginning of this year seems a little slower than most years I’ve still manage to keep a full plate of games. Hopefully you will give some of them a try!


03rd Apr2012

More Than a Game: Why the Mass Effect 3 Endings Work

by Eric Bouchard

By now, you have heard the outcry. Gamers have been blasting BioWare for how the company chose to end Mass Effect 3. Some have gone so far as to demand refunds on the game from Amazon and other retailers. Others have taken a much more gentle approach, chipping in to send 400 cupcakes to BioWare and including a note saying they believe the company will get it right. Things got so bad that Dr. Ray Muzyka, one of the co-founders of BioWare, wrote a statement on the company’s blog, viewable in its entirety here, stating the Mass Effect team was working on some game initiatives which should help fill in the gaps. Some are saying this means BioWare is going to change the endings, but that is not what Muzyka actually said. (more…)

29th Mar2012

FYI, That Isn’t Roman

by Timothy

With the new information that has come out recently regarding Assassin’s Creed 3, I’ve heard quite a few people remarking that they they think it is redictulus for the main character, Connor, to be wearing a Roman assassin style outfit,  that it doesn’t fit with the Revolutionary war period the game is set in, and that you are going to be extremely conspicuous trying to blend into a 1700′s crowd.   I’ve mentioned a few times on Twitter that no, it isn’t a Roman Assassin’s garb, that his outfit is pretty normal 1700′s soldier/scout/woodsman’s garb.  So I though I would take and point out some of the details, and show why this outfit fits, no pun intended. First, let’s compare Connor’s outfit with Etzio’s outfit from the earlier Assassin’s Creed games.

Here is Connor’s outfit.

assassins creed 3 FYI, That Isnt Roman


And here is Etzio’s.

ezio auditore de firenze 43306 FYI, That Isnt Roman


Now at first glance you might say that they are almost exactly the same, but stop for a moment and look closer.  One major difference that should jump out is that Etzio has a cape (draped over his left shoulder), while Connor does not.  This is a point that I have heard mention several times specifically, that you are really going to stand out since he is wearing a cape.  However, looking at these pictures, it is pretty easy to see that there is no cape, at least, not an obvious one.  To confirm that there is none, let’s take a look from behind at both characters.

Again, here is Connor

assassins creed 3 21 FYI, That Isnt Roman


And here is Etzio

ac.brotherhood.02.lg FYI, That Isnt Roman


Looking at these pictures it is extremely obvious that Connor does not wear a cape like Etzio. “But what are those long tails in back from, if not from a cape?” you may ask. Those long tails are from his Capot, a knee length hooded coat.  Here is picture of a modern made one in the style from around the time of the French and Indian War.

capot e1361140683792 FYI, That Isnt Roman

Now his is split in the back, which would make sense from a pure practicality aspect, as it would make the jacket less encumbering when moving swiftly. In addition, according to the Assassin’s Creed Wiki, he wears a dress uniform jacket, which also explains the tails, as the majority of uniforms of that time that I have seen are of that style. He is also wearing mocassins in the winter seens, which fit a woodsman/Indian of that period. Also notice the gilet (vest) he is wearing under his coat, which is standard of that time, and from what I’ve read trappers and hunters would often wear heavier ones like that as it adds another layer to help keep the core warm in the cold. And again, every uniform I’ve seen from that time period has it.

Hopefully this helps clear up some of the confusion regarding his garb. While I’ve only played a bit of the first game so far, and am not really interested in playing 2 – Revelations, this game has really caught my attention, and I definitely want to play it.

08th Mar2012

ORIGIN Of The Problem?

by Timothy

For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, ORIGIN is EA’s proprietary digital distribution service on the PC. When it came out, it was somewhat mired in controversy regarding EA pulling some of their bigger games off of Steam and making them ORIGIN exclusive, and I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. Ever since I got back into PC gaming a few years ago, I’ve been a Steam guy, and I have to admit I could be considered a Valve fanboy, though I do try hard to be as unbiased ad possible. So when the Battlefield 3 beta came out, I decided to install ORIGIN and try it out. I did not spend much time with it though, due to the fact that I couldn’t really run BF3, so I never really used it again after that…

Until now. (more…)

22nd Feb2012

Borderlands 2 Possible GOTY?

by Patrick Adams

In honor of Borderlands 2 releasing this year my cousins and I have started playing through the original, this being my second playthrough and my cousins first. The first time I played through Borderlands I did it alone and enjoyed it thoroughly, enough to mark it as my Game of the Year for 2009. I have to say it is that much better playing it cooperatively. Going through the game a second time almost 2 years after it’s release has me noticeing a lot of the nuances and weird gameplay design that many people put aside in the name of FUN. (more…)