Push Play Ep. #16 – Big Giant Circles

Push Play is back. This time, Eric Bouchard focuses on the music of Jimmy Hinson, known in game soundtrack circles as Big Giant Circles. [audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/Push%20Play%20Episode%2016.mp3] Push Play Ep. #16 Music Featured Songs “The Jump Corps (Hive Jump Theme)” from Hive Jump “Deployment (Loadout)” from Hive Jump “Cooking Crystal Death (Crystal Caverns)” from Hive Jump “Crushing […]

Push Play Ep. #15 – The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra

Push Play makes it’s long awaited return! In this episode, Eric Bouchard looks at Blake Robinson and his Synthetic Orchestra. You will be amazed what one man can do with synthesizers and computers. [audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/Push%20Play%2015.mp3] Push Play Ep. #15 Music Used in the Show “Uncharted: Drake’s Theme Orchestra” – Joypad Powerup “Assassin’s Creed II – Flight […]

Push Play Ep. #14 – Darren Korb

Welcome to Episode 2 of Season 2 of Push Play! In this episode, Eric Bouchard takes a look at the music of Darren Korb, the composer of the soundtracks for Supergiant Games gems Bastion and Transistor. [audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/Push%20Play%20Ep%2014.mp3] Push Play Ep. #14 Music Bastion: Background: “Mine, Windbag, Mine” – ” Slinger’s Song” Featured: “A Proper Story” – “In […]

Push Play Ep. #13 – Video Games Live Levels 2 & 3

Push Play makes its long awaited return in the first episode of what Eric Bouchard is calling Season 2. This episode focuses on the music from Video Games Live Level 2 and Level 3. [audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/Push%20Play%20Ep%2013.mp3] Push Play Ep. #13 (Right click and save as MP3 to download) Music Video Games Live Level 2 “Chrono Trigger and Chono Cross […]