Review: Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

The first console installment of Pokemon is here thanks to Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield. For the last 25 years, Pokemon has been a handheld only experience on portal devices or phones. Today, we can play it on the big screen. However, how does it hold up? Is it any good? Was it worth the […]

Review: Exception

A new 2.5D platformer has arrived on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC Platforms. It’s name is Exception. I think the developers gave the game this name because they wanted their platformer to be an exception to every other platformer that has already been created. How does it stand out though, and does it truly […]

Review: Into The Breach

For those of you looking to have your turn based strategy itch scratched, then look no further than Into The Breach. This is a indie title from Subset Games, who are also the makers of FTL, and if you know what kind of quality game FTL is, then you know what to expect from Into The […]