30 Reviews in 30 Days, Day 18 – Secret Armory of General Knoxx

It’s no secret: I really enjoyed Borderlands. The game really took me by surprise. It was not on my radar at all until I heard more and more gamers talking about how much they were enjoying it. I got it, started playing with Yuoma from the site, and in no time I was hooked. The […]

30 Reviews in 30 Days, Day 17 – Shenmue II

It is October 3. On the third day of every month, TeamYu (@TeamYuNeedsYou on Twitter) organizes a Tweet-a-thon in an attempt to get Sega to release the Shenmue license to Yu Suzuki, the creator, so he can do Shenmue III. As most of you should know, I am a fan of the original Shenmue, which I […]

30 Reviews in 30 Days, Day 15 – Epyx Sports Games (C64)

We have hit the half way point in my 30 Reviews in 30 days. So far, I have covered AAA titles, indie gems, niche games, retro games and even a DVD. Today, I am stepping back once again to take a look at the system where I got my start gaming, the Commodore 64. Back […]

30 Reviews in 30 Days, Day 14 – Section 8: Prejudice

I am probably one of the few people you will meet who both played and enjoyed the original Section 8. Yes, I will admit it basically did not have a single player campaign, but Timegate did enough unique things with the multiplayer for that game that it was enjoyable. Unfortunately, not many people did play it, […]

30 Reviews in 30 Days, Day 13 – The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Three kids playing around in an attic stumble upon a book hidden in a puppet of John Watson. As they start to read it, they discover a lost journal of what may have been Sherlock Holmes’ final case, one which would push the relationship between him and Watson to the very brink. Thus begins The Testament […]