Review: Aliens: Colonial Marines

You have been separated from your unit. You have no weapons. As you walk through the sewers, you do your best to not make a sound, as some of the alien husks around you are actually alive and would be attracted to it. The problem is no matter how carefully you tread, it is impossible […]

Realms of Ancient War

Action-RPGs have exploded this year, with Diablo III and Torchlight II releasing in one year.  Most other entries have not been brave enough to step into that ring, that is until Realms of Ancient War (R.A.W.) came out!  This new action-RPG, from Focus Home Interactive and Wizarbox, has been released on both XBOX LIVE Arcade, […]

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

Nostalgic games have been all the rage recently, looking to cash in on the fond memories of aging gamers such as myself.  Hell Yeah! seems to be another step in that direction, taking the platformers of the old days, sprucing it up with fancy HD graphics and infusing a little modern humor rooted in the […]