Review: Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

The review I never expected to write. Before we get into it, you must know that this review is based only for console experiences on either Playstation or Xbox consoles and their respective handheld devices. I know Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is available on multiple platforms for multiple devices. This review is not applicable […]

Review: Freefall Racers

With all the next-gen hoopla, it’s easy to forget about some quality “last gen” games, but for the gamer parent who is looking for some budget-friendly and family-friendly titles, Freefall Racers steps up to the plate to provide a unique Kinect experience at an affordable price. Does its September ’13 release learn from the mistakes […]

Review: Contrast

When Steam Greenlight first started, I was really excited to see what games people might be attempting to bring to the PC digital distribution powerhouse. One of the first titles that caught my eye was Contrast, a 2D/3D puzzle-platformer with an interesting twist: you would have to transition between the real world and the world of […]

Review: Sacred Citadel

The side-scrolling beat-’em-up was a staple of the arcades. Games like Double Dragon, Final Fight and Golden Axe could be found just about everywhere you looked back in the day. Now, thanks to games like Castle Crashers and Double Dragon Neon, the genre is starting to make a bit of a comeback. Following this trend, Southbend Interactive has released Sacred Citadel, a […]

Review: Mars: War Logs

Spiders Software, the minds behind last year’s Of Orcs And Men, are back with their new title Mars: War Logs.  Mars: War Logs is a gritty 3rd person RPG set on Mars.  The story is intense, with tactical real-time combat, various skills to customize your character and an interesting crafting system.  Will Mars soar into the stratosphere, or should it just […]