Review: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

The end of Alan Wake left us with many unanswered questions. Where did the Darkness come from? What (if any) is the connection between Thomas Zane and Alan Wake? Where the heck does Barry Wheeler get his fashion sense from?  But most of all, what happens next?! Alan Wake was unique for its combination of […]

Review: Warp

I heard about Warp around the time of PAX East 2011 and it definitely caught my attention. The developers were saying it was going to be released sometime in the summer so I was pretty excited. Well, several months of silence had passed and I was beginning to wonder if the game was even going […]

Review: Dead Island: Bloodbath Arena

Dead Island went viral with it’s first trailer and created it’s own zombie apocalypse of interest.  I remained a skeptic, even with the release of gameplay footage and more juicy details.  After playing the game, I ended up eating my words quicker than the zombies of Hanoi chowed down on the unsuspecting tourists–it’s a fantastic […]

Review: Trine 2

If you haven’t already checked out our preview of Trine 2, click here, and I will try not to repeat myself.  Trine 2 is the follow up release to 2009’s dazzling puzzle platformer, Trine.  The game pits the player in control of a mage, a knight and an assassin, brought together by a mystical artifact […]