Review: Dark Souls

Make no mistake about it. If you play Dark Souls, you will die. Not just one time, or five times, or even twenty times. You will probably die so many times you will lose count. Even the game’s website is Despite being a very punishing game, it is equally rewarding and offers an amazing […]

Review: Catherine

“Where all is but dream, reasoning and arguments are of no use, truth and knowledge nothing.”–John Locke The best way to describe Atlus’s latest puzzle game, Catherine, is to say it is not your typical game. It’s certainly different than the standard game players will find on store shelves, but it’s different in a good […]

Halo Reach

Waving farewell to the series after this game, it stands to reason that Bungie wanted to leave no stone unturned and depart on a high note. While it might not be the most innovative in the series, Halo Reach is absolutely jammed to the gills with content and replayablity. Cue the spartan wanna-be’s lining up […]