FYI, That Isn’t Roman

With the new information that has come out recently regarding Assassin’s Creed 3, I’ve heard quite a few people remarking that they they think it is redictulus for the main character, Connor, to be wearing a Roman assassin style outfit,  that it doesn’t fit with the Revolutionary war period the game is set in, and […]

Origin of Something Cool?

As a PC gamer, I am no stranger to some fantastic deals on digital distribution platforms.  Having a love for Valve’s Steam service, it’s an understatement to say that there was much trepidation when EA decided to break from the pack and form it’s own service, called Origin, during 2011.  Amid rumors of malware and […]

Tell Us How You Really Feel: Battlefield 3-Single Player

Let’s face the honest truth here, who plays games like Battlefield or Call of Duty just for the single player? There are a few out there, whether you don’t have Internet or maybe multiplayer just isn’t your thing. But does that mean we as reviewers should turn a blind eye when the single player is […]