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Bug Bounce

Cocoa Touch Games brings us an interesting little game with a cute art-style.

Sol Free

Smallware gives us the best free solitaire app out there for the iPhone.

PixelJunk Eden

PixelJunk Eden is the third title from Q-Games in the PixelJunk series. Eden is nothing like the previous two games and shows us that games don't have to copy off of other games. Eden is an amazing playable work of art that breaks all the rules of modern gaming.

Dizzy Bee

It's hard to sift through all of the good games out there in the AppStore so I was happy when I found Dizzy Bee.

Geometry Wars: RE 2

Bizarre Creations has finally brought us the true sequel to XBLA's first great shooter.

Interview with Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games

Dylan Cuthbert is popping up on everybody's radar lately. As the creator of the PixelJunk series he very well deserves it. With two PixelJunk games under his belt, Dylan brings the series back for it's third take on creative gameplay with the title PixelJunk Eden, which launched yesterday.