Bundled: GOG’s Pick 5 & Pay $10

So Good Old Games makes its second appearance on Bundled, but this time, the bundle is a little different. How exactly? Read on to find out.

30 Reviews in 30 Days, Day 5 – Alan Wake (PC)

Anyone who has been paying attention knows I am a huge fan of Alan Wake. The only reason I did not give it my Game of the Year for 2010 is Mass Effect 2 came out the same year. My biggest complaint about the game was that it was only available on the 360, and I knew several people, […]

Review: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

The end of Alan Wake left us with many unanswered questions. Where did the Darkness come from? What (if any) is the connection between Thomas Zane and Alan Wake? Where the heck does Barry Wheeler get his fashion sense from?  But most of all, what happens next?! Alan Wake was unique for its combination of […]