Gaming in Prime Time: They Compete, We Win

I have been seeing a lot of sites asking what everyone’s most anticipated game of the early part of 2013 is. While there are many contenders, the absolute top of that list for me isĀ Aliens: Colonial Marines. In trying to keep with my resolution to not pay full price for games, I was getting ready […]

EDG Podcast Ep. #106 – Heads in The Cloud

So this podcast was recorded on Tuesday, April 26th, so you can guess what the topic was. Listen in as Eric Bouchard, Chris Maeurer, Kyle Erwin and John Danforth discuss the recent Amazon and PSN outages and what they may mean for gamers. EDG Podcast Ep. #106 Intro music – Takeharu Ishimoto – ‘Calling’ from […]

Daily Bits 7/30/10

In today’s Daily Bits: It’s not longer a RUSE, Best Buy trying to match Amazon, Insomniac announces an announcement, Intellivision Lives and StarCraft+Lego? This is not a feint: RUSE to release September 7 Some would argue Ubisoft has been too in love with it’s World War II RTS’s name, offering several different release dates that […]