EDG Podcast Ep. #143 – Touching on Handhelds

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Listen in as Eric Bouchard, Chris Maeurer, Jay Sims and John Danforth discuss the state of the handhelds, including the 3DS, Vita, iOS and Android platforms. EDG Podcast Ep. #143

Daily Bits for 8/12/10

In today’s Daily Bits: BioShock goes on forever, Ubisoft’s DRM may just be a RUSE, Bethesda and id are Steaming and the PSP Phone is announced…sort of. Irrational announces Bioshock Infinite Irrational Games has announced its latest project, BioShock Infinite, will be released in 2012. BioShock Infinite takes place in 1912 and is unlike anything […]

13 Apps any Android Owner Should Have

Welcome to the world of Android. Now that you have bought your new Android phone, you are probably wondering just what to do next.Well, as good as your phone may be, you cannot unlock the full potential of any Android device until you start adding some applications into the mix. The good news is there […]