Epic Indie Gala Giveaway!

UPDATE!!!! The winners have all been contacted, but we wanted to thank the 8 people who entered the contest and all won the Indie Gala packs: @PayneMusic @tankkar @mxtomek @marinethan @RdwngsFn81 @YumatchiKioto @Ru$tin@t0r @JonahBaskin Keep your eye on the site and our Twitter feed @EverydayGamers as we do have more giveaways coming. ————————————————————————-   Like […]

John’s Top 10 Games of 2011

There has been some debate on just how good of a year 2011 was for game releases. Opinions have ranged everywhere between the mild to wild for last year. Personally, I lean more to the wild side and say it was a fantastic year for gamers. There seemed to be great games for anyone and […]

Beat Hazard

Have you ever played a game that used your own MP3’s?  Have you ever wanted to hearken back to Asteroids form the Atari?  Did you enjoy Audiosurf, but couldn’t help thinking if there was a better way to “play” your music?  Have you ever muted Geometry Wars in favor of your own tunes?  If you […]