Bundled: Humble Jumbo Bundle 3

It has been a long time since I wrote a Bundled article. For those of you who do not know what it is, Bundled is my series evaluating different game bundles and whether or not they are worth purchasing. I take a little time to share who the group behind the bundle is, and then […]

Bundled: Humble THQ Bundle (And Giveaway)

Humble Bundle makes its second appearance on Bundled, but this time the games are not indie; they are from THQ. That’s right; the struggling company responsible for the Saint’s Row, Darksiders, Red Faction and Company of Heroes games is offering several of their games as a pay-what-you-want bundle. Should you buy it?

Bundled: GOG’s Pick 5 & Pay $10

So Good Old Games makes its second appearance on Bundled, but this time, the bundle is a little different. How exactly? Read on to find out.

Bundled: Humble Bundle for Android 4

Humble Bundle. For many gamers, this was our introduction to the charity gaming bundles. Humble Bundle has the name recognition, and for good reason: the bundles tend to include some of the top indie games made, and the bonuses offered with them often include the game soudtracks – something a game music fan like me […]

Bundled: Good Old Games Interplay Bundle

In case you have not noticed, there are an absolute ton of gaming bundles available at any given time. Humble Bundle, Indie Gala, Indie Royale, Groupees and even now Good Old Games are getting behind the “pay what you want” or “pay a minimal amount” bundle business model. There are so many available, it can […]