Chris’ Top 5 Games of 2012

  We had an amazing time in 2012. There were lots of roller coaster moments in our personal lives, our gaming profiles and within the site.  Thankfully it was all for the better, and there was a plethora of great games to keep ourselves busy!  It was definitely difficult picking the best, but within the […]

30 Reviews in 30 Days, Day 28 – ESPN NFL 2K5

I was a huge fan of the Dreamcast. I know I have made this clear, but I need to mention that to set up this review. You see, as a Dreamcast fan, I could not play the Madden games, as EA decided not to publish them for the system. This was not something which bothered me, […]

Tell Us How You Really Feel: Battlefield 3-Single Player

Let’s face the honest truth here, who plays games like Battlefield or Call of Duty just for the single player? There are a few out there, whether you don’t have Internet or maybe multiplayer just isn’t your thing. But does that mean we as reviewers should turn a blind eye when the single player is […]