CitiesXL 2012

It’s been over 8 years since SimCity 4 was released by Maxis. Die hard fans will also mention SimCity Societies, which wasn’t created by Maxis but by Tilted Mill Games, released in 2007.  It’s been a while since we have seen something as complex as SimCity, and something as innovative as SimCity Societies released in […]

Draft Dodging This Fall

This fall many companies have organized a strategic assault on gamer’s wallets, as is always the case in this time of year.  Amidst the near three digit release list for the 2011 holiday season, two titans have squared off—Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.  Some gamers have enlisted in one side or the other, some […]


There was much building anticipation, for the late evolution of Spore, the brainchild of Maxis maven Will Wright, and Publisher EA.  Whether or not those longs delays, and lofty hype played a part in the game’s mixed reception remains up for debate.  Maxis took things in stride, regrouped, and applied what they learned to Darkspore, […]

The Weekly Byte for 9/13/2010

New Releases Tuesday, 9/14 – Painkiller Pandemonium – $19.99 – Collection of all the Painkiller games Patrician IV – $39.99 – Medievil  Strategy game News Bytes Beenox continues it’s trend of awesome PC ports! Known for handling many past PC ports, Beenox has spread it’s wings and made their own, so far well-reviewed game, Spider-Man […]

The Weekly Byte for 8/9/2010

New Releases Thursday, 8/12 – Puzzle Quest 2 on Steam for $19.99 ($17.99 by pre-order before then) News Bytes Torchlight will be lit, again, in Spring of 2011!!! Runic games has blindsided us by announcing that their next project is not a Torchlight MMO, but a full on, Torchlight sequel, featuring online co-op, among other […]