EDG Podcast Ep. #302 – Bathroom Confidential

This week Anthony has a special game in store for Chris and Jay after they discuss their weeks and games.  Tune in for a lot of laughs and be warned if you are driving while listening, we cannot be responsible for where the laughter takes you! [audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/Everyday%20Gamers%20Episode%20302%20-%20Bat.mp3] EDG Podcast Ep. #302  

EDG Podcast Ep. #294 – Multi-Talented

While Eric is away with family, a VERY special guest swoops to join Chris Maeurer and Jay “The Talent” Sims, please welcome Mama Meef to her Everyday Gamers podcast co-host debut!  We tried to go a little lighter on the gaming talk and really had a blast talking movies, TV and crazy parenting stories, we […]

EDG Podcast Ep. #288 – From Page To EDG

This week Anthony Alex was stuck all by his lonesome as the other hosts had some scheduling issues.  In true AA fashion, Anthony saved the day and rocked out a great episode with special guest Stuart from Page 2 Screen @FromPage2Screen !  Listen in as they talk Lego games, American Sniper, movies games and more! […]

Headshot’s Dossier – Ep. #2 – Making Some Noyse

[audio:http:///everydaygamers.com/podcasts/HD-Episode2.mp3] Listen in as Josh “The Noyse” Brown joins Chris Maeurer and they discuss everything from multiplayer gaming to video game related parenting topics and even gummi worms for dinner!  We had a blast recording and hope you enjoy this one-on-one segment with Josh!

EDG Podcast Ep. #186.5 – Curdle Sanders Saves The Day

[audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/EDGcastEp186Pt5.mp3] Listen in as Chris Maeurer is joined by special guest Ben Suri, from the Nerd Rage podcast, to cover a week where scheduling conflicts and work have devoured our regular show.  Hopefully this will hold you over until our next new episode, as Ben and Chris talk about their holidays, missed games of 2012 […]