Review: ShootMania Storm

Online shooters have evolved a lot over the last several years. From different classes to unlock-able perks and weapons, they have grown to a point where being competitive means spending a decent amount of time learning the classes and unlocking the extras. The problem with this evolution is sometimes you just want to jump into a game […]

Tell Us How You Really Feel: Battlefield 3-Single Player

Let’s face the honest truth here, who plays games like Battlefield or Call of Duty just for the single player? There are a few out there, whether you don’t have Internet or maybe multiplayer just isn’t your thing. But does that mean we as reviewers should turn a blind eye when the single player is […]

Respawn Rundown 8/13/10

Welcome to Respawn Rundown. Your one stop shop for all things multi-player shooter. In this series we will cover everything from releases to multi-player updates to help you, the shooter, stay in the know. So lets just jump right in. Gearbox Software It has recently been rumored Gearbox, the makers of Borderlands, have picked up […]