Saint Killjoy’s Top Ten Indie Titles of 2014!

There have been many great indie games released the past few years. With the Steam Holiday Sale on the horizon I decided to put together a top ten indie wishlist of games for our readers. These are games I played and personally enjoyed during 2014. I also included two honorable mentions, because, well, REASONS! Open […]

EDG Podcast Ep. #166 – Indie Indeed

[audio:] This week, Travis Dvoracek and some random guy named Fultzie join Eric Bouchard, Jay Sims and John Danforth to talk about the rise of Indie Games. EDG Podcast Ep. #166 MUSIC Intro – “Rise” by Yoko Kanno from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2 OST Break – “The Battle” by Hans Zimmer […]