Contest: Everyday Gamers is giving away Borderlands 2

Since each of the Everyday Gamers podcast hosts are eagerly awaiting the 9/18 release of Borderlands 2, we decided to have a contest giveaway for the game. To enter, simply leave an iTunes review for Everyday Gamers >> The EDG Podcast in iTunes, and follow¬†@EverydayGamers on Twitter, letting us know you left a review using […]

EDG Podcast Ep. #6 – The Gang’s All Here

It’s one big party here at the EDG mansion, well not really. But we do have the whole entire EDG crew on board for this episode. Come listen in as we discuss what we’ve been playing and the oft used video game to movie and vice versa subject. Please bear with us as we’ve learned it’s hard to record a podcast with 7 people. At least we tried!