Headshot’s Dossier Episode # 10 – Noyse & Toys Part 2 – The Noyse

  [audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/DossierEp10b.mp3] Hopefully you’ve caught the first episode of my interview with Josh “Noyse” Brown where we talked games and hobbies.  In this second half of our interview we tackled a bit more serious subject delving deeper into the conversation Josh began on his Nothing But Noyse podcast episode 1 dealing with our social media […]

Headshot’s Dossier Episode # 10 – Noyse & Toys Part 1 – The Toys

  [audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/DossierEp10a.mp3] Bringing back an original guest from Headshot’s Dossier, I really wanted to sit down and have a conversation with Josh Brown, aka The Noyse.  Josh is a host on a whole host of podcasts, the more recent of which, Nothing But Noyse, was the reason I wanted to chat.  We first met Josh […]

EDG Podcast Ep. #265 – I Don’t Even Know You Anymore

Josh “The Noyse” Brown (@TheNoyse) joins Eric Bouchard and Jay Sims to talk about those games and movies or shows that everyone has experienced… except them. You might want to brace yourselves for this one. [audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/EDG%20Podcast%20Ep%20265.mp3] EDG Podcast Ep. #265 (Right click and save as MP3 to download) Music Intro and Outro – “The EDG Podcast […]