We’re Gamers! Haven’t We Learned Anything?

If you are looking for a seriously funny movie. look no further than The Gamers: The Dorkness Rising. The movie is all about a group of Dungeons and Dragons players who, in an attempt to beat a campaign their GM is writing, bring in a female friend to add to the team. Chock full of […]

The Weekly Byte for 8/2/2010

New Releases Friday, 7/30 – Commander:Conquest of the Americas, Strategy/RTS by Paradox $39.95 Tuesday, 8/3 – Metro 2033 Ranger Pack DLC, $3 on XBL, free for Steam users :O) News Bytes Reason to traverse radiated tubes, once more! Yes, as you’ve read above, there will be new DLC for this year’s sleeper hit, Metro 2033.  […]

Weekly Byte for 4/19/2010

Release List Left 4 Dead 2 DLC  ‘The Passing’ releases this week, free on PC!  If it’s free it’s for me! Byte Sized News Stories X-Com was announced in a previous news post, being revived by 2K Marin.  Two independent developers have taken the opportunity to uncloak their games, made in the vein of the […]