The Weekly Byte for 8/16/2010

New Releases Tuesday, 8/17 – Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days – $49.99 – trying to make up for the initial flop City of Heroes : Collection – $39.99 Collection of CoH MMO & expansions Hello Kitty Online – $19.99 Ummm, yeah. I dunno either >:O) News Bytes Consumers buying less Nvidia driving GPU changes? […]

Weekly Byte for 5/24/2010

Release List Tuesday, 5/25 Blur – Racing, $39.99 News Bytes Our fishbowl spies broke the news last week, and we can confirm it this week – Fable III is indeed being told on the PC platform this year! Hold your jubilation, the details are somewhat confusing.  Apparently, PC players will only have to pony up […]

Weekly Byte for 5/17/2010

Release List Tuesday, 5/18 Split Second – Retailing for $39.99, simultaneous console release Shrek Forever After – Movie Tie-in, $19.99 Dragon Age : Darkspawn Chronicles DLC – $5.00 News Bytes Has another PC version been leaked by box-art? Gears of War was unofficially announced when PC Gamer ran a ‘Gaming on Vista article prior to […]