Video Game Apocalypse: Day 5

Well folks, this looks like our last day. Our apocalyptic journey has let us play through worlds destroyed by demons and angels, wastelands created from nuclear war, worlds overrun with zombies, and humans enslaved by an alien race. Today’s game takes out all of that…No zombies or nuclear war, no alien races or crazy robots…No […]

Video Game Apocalypse: Day 2

News time children! It’s Day 2 of our apocalyptic journey. Fallout 3 (Xbox 360, Ps3, PC) Where would our apocalyptic week be without stepping out into the Wasteland? Fallout 3, the popular open world RPG from Bethesda Studios, places players in a post-nuclear apocalyptic Washington D.C. area. The Earth has been badly scarred by the […]

Video Game Apocalypse – Day 1

Many of you are probably already familiar with the most recent “dooms day” news scheduled for this Saturday. Harold Camping, an 89 year old Christian radio broadcaster, believes he has decoded the Bible and found a message stating the Rapture will occur on Saturday, May 21 of 2011. Whether you believe this or not, this gave me […]