Review: The Showdown Effect

Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios had some great success with Magicka not long ago. The fantastic humor merged with creative and innovative gameplay to make a one-of-a-kind experience. Arrowhead is at it again, turning that over the top humor to 11 in a new multiplayer release called The Showdown Effect. With plenty of 80’s […]

Review: Impire

What do you get when you take demons, heavy metal, Real Time Strategy (RTS) and lots of puns and put them into a meat grinder? Probably a very odd-tasting sausage. But more importantly, you get Impire, Paradox Interactive’s new strategy game developed by Cyanide Studios. Does this mix create an Impowering feeling in the player […]

Review: Defenders of Ardania

It’s often said that the key to a good defense is a strong offense. Paradox Interactive takes that expression to heart in their latest Tower-Defense game, Defenders of Ardania (DoA). DoA is set in the Majesty world, but unlike its predecessors Majesty and Majesty 2 which were Real Time Strategy games, DoA is a Tower-Defense […]

Pirates of Black Cove

Way back in the Stone Ages of 1987, when we were all still trying to make boot disks that didn’t give us ‘High Memory” errors, Sid Meier’s Pirates hit the scene and reinvigorated strategy games and Pirate lore.  Since then, it’s made the jump to consoles, handhelds and even iOS devices.  The genre seems to […]