Review: Shadowrun Returns

Hairbrained Schemes vision of Shadowrun Returns rings true to the source material. It does it so well in fact, I researched further to understand how they were able to do such a great job! I discovered that Jordan Weisman, the creator of Shadowrun, was also the lead designer for Shadowrun Returns.  Fantastic! This is the definitive Shadowrun experience.

Preview: Wargame AirLand Battle

Last year Eugen Systems and Focus Home Interactive brought us Wargame European  Escalation, a Cold War Era war game/RTS hybrid that focused heavily on detailed representation of its military hardware. The game took some of the interface functionality from Eugen’s previous game R.U.S.E. and retooled it into a new game that was both incredibly detailed […]

Review: ShootMania Storm

Online shooters have evolved a lot over the last several years. From different classes to unlock-able perks and weapons, they have grown to a point where being competitive means spending a decent amount of time learning the classes and unlocking the extras. The problem with this evolution is sometimes you just want to jump into a game […]

Review: March of the Eagles

Paradox has always been known for their strategy games. The company’s primary strategy series began with Europa Universalis and has branched out into several other games. These have a reputation of being extremely complicated and having a learning curve like a brick wall, prohibitive to all but the most determined gamers.