EDG Podcast Ep. #302 – Bathroom Confidential

This week Anthony has a special game in store for Chris and Jay after they discuss their weeks and games.  Tune in for a lot of laughs and be warned if you are driving while listening, we cannot be responsible for where the laughter takes you! [audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/Everyday%20Gamers%20Episode%20302%20-%20Bat.mp3] EDG Podcast Ep. #302  

EDG Podcast Ep. #294 – Multi-Talented

While Eric is away with family, a VERY special guest swoops to join Chris Maeurer and Jay “The Talent” Sims, please welcome Mama Meef to her Everyday Gamers podcast co-host debut!  We tried to go a little lighter on the gaming talk and really had a blast talking movies, TV and crazy parenting stories, we […]

EDG Podcast Ep. #285 – Everyday Gamers Unscripted

Chris Maeurer hosts Jay Sims, Anthony Alex and special guest Scarfinger for a relaxed and unscripted fireside chat podcast this week while they discuss movies, tv shows and playlists. [audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/EDGPodcastEp285.mp3] EDG Podcast Ep. #285 (Right click and save as MP3 to download) Music “American Noise” by Skillet