Review: Little Racers STREET

Milkstone Studios has taken a bit of a step back into the past with its game Little Racers STREET. You don’t see too many of this type of game anymore. Does Little Racers STREET hit that nostalgic sweet-spot, or should Mikstone Studios be more focused on current gaming trends? Having grown up on isometric racers like R.C. Pro […]

Review: Asphalt 7 – Heat

Racing games and phones have quite a long history together.  I’ve always seen it as a somewhat tenuous relationship, because steering controls seem hard to implement well when dealing with touchscreens, gyroscopes, or the keys on a keypad.  Asphalt 7 looks to buck that trend, but can it be the one to take the checkered flag, or […]

Review: Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

Burnout Paradise from Criterion was released in 2008, and was well received. However, as it is a few years old now it can probably be found for fairly little in bargain boxes, but is it worth picking up if you haven’t tried it before? The basic premise of the game is you have moved to […]