Review: Grey Goo

One of the games that was at PAX South 2015 that I was really excited to know more about was Grey Goo. Unlike with other RTS games where strategy is a one size fits all, Grey Goo gives you the freedom to play the game the way you want to play it. You have to spend time with […]

Preview: Wargame AirLand Battle

Last year Eugen Systems and Focus Home Interactive brought us Wargame European  Escalation, a Cold War Era war game/RTS hybrid that focused heavily on detailed representation of its military hardware. The game took some of the interface functionality from Eugen’s previous game R.U.S.E. and retooled it into a new game that was both incredibly detailed […]

Review: Impire

What do you get when you take demons, heavy metal, Real Time Strategy (RTS) and lots of puns and put them into a meat grinder? Probably a very odd-tasting sausage. But more importantly, you get Impire, Paradox Interactive’s new strategy game developed by Cyanide Studios. Does this mix create an Impowering feeling in the player […]

Review: Defenders of Ardania

It’s often said that the key to a good defense is a strong offense. Paradox Interactive takes that expression to heart in their latest Tower-Defense game, Defenders of Ardania (DoA). DoA is set in the Majesty world, but unlike its predecessors Majesty and Majesty 2 which were Real Time Strategy games, DoA is a Tower-Defense […]


There are certain games which just tend to relax the player. You find yourself losing track of time, settling back to enjoy the ambience. Sure, there is enough of a game there to keep you interested, but it’s not even really the main attraction. The art style, music and pacing are what really draw you […]