Saint Killjoy’s Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2016

I go online and read articles like anyone else. I’ve been reading and watching videos about what other people think are the top ten to seventy-two top games of 2016. I’ve been finding these to be a bit disappointing though. It’s like everyone isn’t paying attention to some of the games that I think should […]

30 Reviews in 30 Days, Day 28 – ESPN NFL 2K5

I was a huge fan of the Dreamcast. I know I have made this clear, but I need to mention that to set up this review. You see, as a Dreamcast fan, I could not play the Madden games, as EA decided not to publish them for the system. This was not something which bothered me, […]

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

Nostalgic games have been all the rage recently, looking to cash in on the fond memories of aging gamers such as myself.  Hell Yeah! seems to be another step in that direction, taking the platformers of the old days, sprucing it up with fancy HD graphics and infusing a little modern humor rooted in the […]

30 Reviews in 30 Days, Day 17 – Shenmue II

It is October 3. On the third day of every month, TeamYu (@TeamYuNeedsYou on Twitter) organizes a Tweet-a-thon in an attempt to get Sega to release the Shenmue license to Yu Suzuki, the creator, so he can do Shenmue III. As most of you should know, I am a fan of the original Shenmue, which I […]

Shogun 2: Total War

Last year, PC gamers were all ablaze at the return of a game franchise left dormant for 12 years.  This year, we herald the return of another long lost classic-Shogun 2.  The original game debuted to rave reviews, in 2000, and the Total War franchise has dominated PC strategy charts, crossing many diverse worlds, before […]

Shogun 2 : First Impressions

We live in an age of instant gratification.  Text messages must go out instantly, who can wait around for a phone call when a 15 year old girl can type War and Peace on her cell phone keypad by the time you’ve read these first couple lines(although, I dare you to decipher her shorthand text […]